Thursday, January 2, 2014

Tiny changes: Accessible transformation

I talked about my 5 imaginary lives and 20 things I like to do as I work towards improving my creativity and finding my balance again.

It is fitting I choose to complete the task about tiny changes during the week of New Years. This week is often met with lists and grandiose plans meant to transform us into the types of human beings we want to be.

And then we fail at them. Those are the types of human beings we ARE.

Bay of Pigs trip (108) - Cenote 2

At least I am.

So, when I looked at this challenge, I decided this was something I could do. Not huge changes I would head towards with good intentions, great gusto, and short attention span, but small changes I could make every day.

It is the small changes in thought and action that make us better people.
  1. Smile at one stranger a day
  2. Walk the dog an extra block
  3. Hug my husband
  4. Go to church on my Sunday's off
  5. Take more good photos with my good camera, less with my iPhone
  6. Drink one more glass of water, one less pop
  7. Talk to my family daily
  8. List things I'm thankful for on a daily basis
  9. Wash bed sheets weekly
  10. Do more nice things for no reason
In all reality, I will likely watch more Netflix, eat more junk food, and nap more, but I still do want to try to be a better person. 

That's the whole point.

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