Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Our Cuban excursion

With the house build and career concerns, we didn't think we would be going away this year. That was, however, until it reached -55C and The Guy lost his mind. We got a great deal on a week at our favourite resort and off we go.

It couldn't have come at a better time. We've had two months of stress and worry and then I lost my good friend days after we booked. We needed a break.

Our view of the pool
It was the first time The Guy and I had travelled away for a week together with just ourselves. Normally (including on our honeymoon) we travel with a group.  This would be just us, a week, no distractions, and no one else to talk to. It was as enticing as it was intimidating.

My favourite view
We beached, we lounged, we played in the waves. We ate, we shopped, we drank Pina Coladas. It was glorious. We read, we napped, we went to bed ridiculously early.

Cuba day
Celebrating Cuba with cardboard decor
A friend asked about my favourite part of the trip this time. I admitted it was the fact I got to read 11 books (12 if you count the one on the plane). However, I thought later and it was the fact I got to reconnect with The Guy on a one-on-one basis. It was recognizing how lucky we are to have each other and to spend time together.

Mind you, looking through my pictures you would think the pelicans and cats were my favourite part. I took a lot of pictures of those for sure. The funniest part of that was I kept calling the pelicans "penguins" even though I knew it wasn't right. By the end of the week, The Guy was calling them penguins too. I like that even my bad grasp of words are contagious.

This might be my favourite picture of the whole trip.

You can see my entire group of pictures here at Flickr or here at Facebook you can see my favourite.

Have you been to Cuba? Want to come next time?


  1. Glad you had the week together. Love you.

  2. Sounds like you had a blissful vacation!
    I don't mind the rain we have here but I would so LOVE to be at the beach right now. Take me with youuuuu!
    Haha cute pelican!

    1. I loved the pelicans. I have issues. But they were SO CUTE!

  3. It looks delightful! My husband and I often go to bed early while traveling. Even when we visited Las Vegas, we were back in our room relaxing and watching TV much earlier than we expected. Of course, that was after walking miles and miles on the Strip...

    1. It is delightful. And so relaxing. I find holidays where we go go go too tiring.


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