Monday, January 27, 2014

Spiral twist stitch beret

Sometimes I get to make things up. It's not often, but I love when I have an idea and it can come to fruition.  A few weeks ago, a friend was pinning red berets and talking about how much she'd like one. I offered to get right on that! And I did.

Here it is completed (from the back).

spiral twist stitch beret

Here is a side view.  I love how it is slightly slouchy but not too much.

Spiral twist stitch hat

The top view is my favourite. This pic is the closest to the right colour of what I have.

Spiral twist stitch beret

Finally, a pattern!

I used KnitPicks CotLin yarn in DK Weight with the Pomegranate colour. (I fell in love with this colour.)
Needles: 4mm circular needle or DPNs 

Cast on 8 stitches
You can do this in magic loop version for a circular needle or regularly for DPNs if you prefer - cast on options here 
Place marker at the beginning

Row 1 - k1 m1 all around (16)
Row 2 - knit all around
Row 3 - k2 m1 to end (24)
Row 4 (Introducing left twist) - leaving 1st stitch on left needle, ktbl of 2nd stitch, k 1st stitch and slip both stitches off the left needle, k1, repeat left twist and k1 to end
Row 5 - k2 m1 k1 - repeat to end (32)
Row 6 - left twist, k2 to end
Row 7 - k2 m1 k2 (40)
Row 8 - left twist, k3 to end
Row 9 - k2 m1 k3 (48)
Row 10 - left twist, k4 to end
Row 11 - k2 m1 k4 (56)
Row 12 - left twist, k5 to end

Continue in this manner until there are 20 stitches in each section (160) ending with an even row.
Once increases are complete, you can decide how slouchy you want your hat. For not very slouchy, go immediately to the decrease section. For slouchier repeat the last even row (left twist, k18) for another inch.

Row 1 - k2tg k18 repeat to end (152)
Row 2 - left twist, k18 to end
Row 3 - k2tg k17 repeat to end (144)
Row 4 - left twist, k17 to end
Row 5 - k2tg k16 repeat to end (136)
Row 6 - left twist, k16 to end
Row 7 - k2tg k15 repeat to end (128)
Row 8 - left twist, k15 to end
Row 9 - k2tg k14 repeat to end (120)
Row 10 - left twist, k14 to end

Continue in this manner until you reach 88 stitches

Hat band
Rows 1-10 - k2 p2 repeat to end
Bind off in a stretchy stitch. I prefer the Zimmerman method of sewn bind off.

Voila, you have a hat.


  1. So cute! I have hardly any yarn-talent, but I should learn - I'd love a few hats!

    1. Tara, if you don't have time, I can always make some for you! It's my joy.

  2. I love my hat Bronwyn! I am sorry I haven't written you back. It's been a crazy week filled with sick kids and travelling husbands (but what else is new). I plan to send you a picture when I do MY hair and makeup!! Thanks so much!!! :)

    (and I LOVE the colour. Good choice)


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