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Ten Years (April 9, 2014) -- a post commemorating my mother 10 years after her death

The over-sexualization of everything (Nov 14, 2013) -- a rant about our society of sex

No words for good-bye (Jan 10, 2014) -- a post about the death of my best friend

Childless by chance, childless by choice (Sept 5, 2013) -- coming to terms with not being a parent

Thankful for Dollarama and home decor (March 23, 2014) -- Thankful Thursday and home decor

Summary of 2013 
This list tells of the times I bitched about sex, showed you my ability to craft, wrote some fiction, told stories about my Grandma, shared our experience with infertility, and how I fared on a polygraph (spoiler alert: it didn't go well). 
124 Havana - graffiti - B 
There's other stuff too. Check it out.

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