I joined #100happydays in order to remind myself to be grateful for the things I have. Every day I will look to find what makes me happy. Here is what I've found.

Day 100
I got the greatest gift in the mail today! @ordinarymom Thanks!! #100happydays #instacollage
Great gift in the mail from a new friend
Day 99
Fireplace surround is in!
Fireplace stone is in!
Day 98
Uncle Tim holding our newest staff member
Day 97
Pics of the backsplash as it goes in. #100happydays
The backsplash as it is installed
Day 96
Hard to get a shot of this monkey wearing the sweater I made her. She was full of beans today.
Lil E wearing the sweater I made her
Day 95
The view from the side of the most boring highway #100happydays
Good scenery on a boring highway
Day 94
This piece of art at the Melfort Travelodge. #100happydays
Art at a motel
Day 93
The glory that is bacon. #100happydays
The glory that is bacon
Day 92
The wrinkles on this dog. #100happydays
The wrinkles on this dog
Day 91
Being able to do the Spider-Man move easily due to practicing on the swing set in grade school. #100happydays
Conquering the spiderman pose
Day 90
More progress on the siding #100happydays
Even more siding!
Day 89
Had a great visit introducing a young friend Keira to the Celiac lifestyle and got an awesome bracelet in return! #glutenfree
A gift from my new Celiac friend, Pooky Bear
Day 88
We have progress!! #siding #100happydays
We have siding!
Day 87
Reminded why my house is worth the wait. #100happydays #bathroom
Reminding myself why the house is worth the wait
Day 86
Monty, back from his sleepover, with his new (stolen) friend #100happydays
Monty with his new (stolen) toy
Day 85
Comfy bed and complimentary robe at MJ spa. #datenight #100happydays
Date night at the spa
Day 84
Took a picture of a tiny woodpecker but he's so tiny you can't see him! #100happydays
Teeniest woodpecker you can't see 
Day 83
Monty is keeping watch over me because I'm in pain. He's sure kisses will fix it.
Monty is watching over me when I'm sick
Day 82
Monty and I are going to enjoy any moment of sun we can find. #100happydays
Enjoying moments of sun
Day 81
Fresh GF bread slathered with butter and honey. #100happydays #joesdeli
Fresh GF bread with butter and honey #joesdeli
Day 80
The dog busied himself while I did outdoor yoga. #100happydays
The dog busied himself while I did outdoor yoga
Day 79
Bringing out my cool kicks bc it's spring, dang it! #100happydays
Cool kicks bringing in spring!
Day 78
The bathroom tiles are in. I'm in love. #100happydays
Bathroom tile installed. I'm in love!!
Day 77
My knight in shining tow truck! #100happydays #drjohn
My knight in shining tow truck
Day 76
My constant companion #100happydays #suckydog
My constant companion 
Day 75
Enjoying supper with my favourite toddler. #100happydays
Lunch w my favourite toddler
Day 74
Morning cuddles with my puppy. #100happydays
Morning cuddles with my puppy
Day 73
Stella the rescue cat!
Stella the rescue cat!
Day 72
Milky Way cyclone. Reese Peanut Butter cup. Mmm #100happydays
#Milkyway cyclone - Reese Peanut Butter cup
Day 71
Dessert first. #100happydays #kneadedbakery
Dessert first #kneadedbakery
Day 70
Inside the yoga studio. Greenery, exposed brick, and a gorgeous view. #100happydays
View from the yoga studio
Day 69
First day at yoga class. I was awkward, but I loved it! #100happydays
First day at yoga class!
Day 68
Even on days I hate I have Tim Hortons. @TimHortons #100happydays
Rough day pick me up
Day 67
Sunday StarWars marathon. #100happydays
Star Wars marathon
Day 66
I got to visit with kitties. It was a cuddly day. #100happydays
Visiting kitties and their mom

Day 65
I couldn't resist picking these up for Lil E. #100happydays #spoiledniece
Couldn't resist these for Lil E
Day 64
While I'm working at the table, Monty sits in the chair beside me waiting. #100happydays
My helper when I work at the table
Day 63
In love with this print from Home Sense. I'm hoping I can convince Wade! #100happydays
My new painting!
Day 62
Wearing purple to promote seizure awareness day for my pal, Dawsyn! #100happydays
Wearing purple for my friend, Dawsyn,
in honour of Seizure Awareness Day!
Day 61
Oh I heart my shredder. #100happydays
Oh, I love my shredder
Day 60
My cuddle bear #100happydays
My cuddle bug.
Day 59
Despite the first day of spring bringing snow and sickness, this is my couch company. #100happydays
First day of spring brought snow and sickness,
but also cuddles and silliness.
Day 58
Fancy duds for our afternoon walk. #100happydays  #borrowedbaby
E wearing fancy glasses for our spring walk
Day 57
This monkey is keeping me company at my meeting. #100happydays
Leadership orangutang 
Day 56
We have drywall! #100happydays
Day 55
Monty sticks his tongue out at the camera. #100happydays
Monty sticks his tongue out at me
Day 54
Fake nails (in purple) to address my chewing problem #100happydays
Lovely purple fake nails
Day 53
Peaceful and beautiful country cemetery. #100happydays
Beautiful and peaceful country cemetary
Day 52
Channels in the ice allowing water to drain. #100happydays #spring no filter
Signs of spring: water channels
Day 51
Montel says the tiny human cannot have her blankie back. #100happydays
Monty says the teeny human cannot have her blankie back.
Day 50
E had a great time at the library playing with this. She also emptied numerous bookshelves. #100happydays
E had a good time at the library
Day 49
I think Uncle Wade will have a helper at the new house. #100happydays
Uncle will have a good helper at the new house
Day 48
This encouraging piece of graffiti on my way to work. #100happydays
This encouraging piece of graffiti
Day 47
A pop of colour in a snowy day. #100happydays
A pop of colour in the winter
Day 46
Walking the dog with my man in the sun. #100happydays
A walk with my dog, my man, and the sun!
Day 45
Cheez Whiz #100happydays
Cheez Whiz on toast
Day 44
my Grandma's dog in a onsie. Day 43 #100happydays
My grandma's dog in a onsie
Day 43
Haircut! Day 42 #100happydays
New hair cut!
Day 42
My new computer cover. It's very pink. #100happydays Day 41
New pink computer cover!
Day 41
Happy 65th birthday, Mom. Miss you. #100happydays
It would have been my mom's 65th birthday
Day 40
Kid in a box #100happydays Day 40
Kid in a box
Day 39
Puppy is tuckered out. #100happydays Day 39
Tuckered out
Day 38
No naps for baby! #100happydays
No naps for pouty baby
Day 37
Mm Dean Winchester. Day 37 #100happydays
Mmm Dean Winchester
Day 36
counters and cupboards
New counters and cupboards for the house
Day 35
For my Dad: today I made a lot of little pieces of paper. #100happydays Day 35
For my Dad: I made little pieces of paper
Day 34
My cousin's little guy wearing a sweater I made him. BDE! #100happydays Day 34
My cousin's little guy wearing a sweater I made!
Day 33
Spent the morning at the Science Centre with Sarah, Laura, and Skylar. #100happydays Day 33
Sarah and I had fun at the Science Centre
Day 32
Sunshine warmth in the bleak of winter. #100happydays Day 32
Sunlight making promises despite the cold
Day 31
The beautiful evening sky. #100happydays Day 31
Beautiful evening sky
Day 30
The weather is nicer and Monty is enjoying his new booties! #100happydays Day 30
Warmer weather and new booties make happy puppy!
Day 29
Finalized our colour/tile design for the Master bedroom and bath!  #100happydays Day 29
The colours and tiles for our Master Suite
Day 28
Animal erasers for work Sudoku challenges! #100happydays Day 28
Animal erasers for work Sudoku challenges!
Day 27
Supper of gluten free fish and chips. #100happydays Day 25
A great meal!
Day 26
Wade's happiest day. Fall football schedule is out. #100happydays Day 26
My husband's favourite day
Day 25
A postcard from my sister arrived. How to bike with dogs! #100happydays Day 27
A postcard from my sister
Day 24
Monty wore through his winter boots this year and this was all I could find to replace them. #100happydays Day 24
Temp booties for Monty
Day 23
Finished my llama shawl today
Day 22
Creating colour palettes for the eventual use in our eventual forever home. #100happydays Day 22
The colour palette for our house
Day 21
New leather boots
New boots!
Day 20
Jack the rescue dog
Jack the rescue dog
Day 19
Group Sudoku challenges #100happydays Day 18
Group Sudoku challenges
Day 18
Coffee, SAD lamp, Facebook, and to do list almost completed. #100happydays Day 18
Coffee, SAD lamp, Facebook,
 and an almost complete to do list.
Day 17
Discovering this photo from 2012 taken by our friend Denise. We are adorable. #100happydays Day 17
I found this pic of The Guy and me in 2012
picture by our friend Denise
Day 16
Wearing my new boots I won from @schmutziemorgan #blundstone #100happydays Day 16
I won Blundstone boots!
Day 15
This conversation between me and my brother. Edited for language. #100happydays Day 15
A conversation with my brother.
Day 14
A beautiful winter day to drive. (And yes, I was pulled over) #100happydays Day 14
Gorgeous view from the road
Day 13
Impromptu sleepover in Saskatoon and this is my bedmate. #100happydays Day 13
My bunk buddy for an impromptu sleepover.
Day 12
Working on a pair of gloves for a relative. I love tweed #100happydays Day 12
Making gloves in tweed yarn 
Day 11
Winter walk
Winter walk with Monty

Day 10
My writing book for #yearofwriting
My writing book for #yearofwriting
Day 9
Monty looks surprised
Monty, home after a week away

Day 8
Spiral twist stitch beret
I made a hat and a pattern (link)

Day 7
Pelicans on the beach
Pelicans on the beach
Day 6
Cuba day dance troop
Cuban dance troop
Day 5
cutest old man ever #100happydays
This little old man. I want to put him in my pocket

Day 4
Pregnant and blind, but still precious
Resort cat - pregnant, blind, lovely

Day 3
Fun in the sun
Poolside Cuban resort
Day 2
Cafe con leche -- #100happydays
Cafe con leche -- Cuban coffee
Day 1
My two guys. #100happydays
My two guys

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