I MayB who?

I don't actually know how to answer this question.

I used to think I knew, but here I am, trying to discover it again. I think that's okay. To try and figure it out over and over again.

Here is part of what I said two years ago. Most of it is still true:

In my down time, I'm an avid knitter, a beginner crocheter, an obsessive reader, and a fledging writer. For many years (from 2005 - 20011) I blogged over at Buggering Crap Monkies, but I took a long break and didn't feel it was where I belonged any more when I was ready to return.  Thus started I, MayB where a more secure, grown up me is ready to start exploring who and what I am again.

Odds are though, I will continue to do dumb things and tell you about them.  Welcome to my life!

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