Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Master bedroom: Inspiration Board

I didn't sleep well the other night. Why, you might ask? I was busy planning my master bedroom for a house that doesn't have heat yet. We went and met our contractor on Saturday and it got my planning mind going again. I love planning. It makes me happy and keeps me from remembering I have a crappy ass bathtub and no dishwasher. Also, it's like shopping but without spending the money.

I'm a bit of a nerd.

I thought I would share with you what I have planned so far. Here's the room layout planned so far.  The room is 12x12. We wanted it relatively small because the rest of the space is the bathroom and walk in closet! You know.... the important stuff.

via my fave room planner

Mainly I've picked a wall colour and everything else is already decided. But colour is very important!

Colour: Bedford blue
I wanted a blue. I love blue bedrooms. I went through 100 different blues, narrowed it down to 4, and then made The Guy pick two of his favourites. It's the only way we can agree on anything. I pick a bunch I like and he picks what he can live with.

It's hard to decorate when both spouses think the other has terrible taste. In all things except spouses, of course.

My inspiration for the blue is due to two pictures we have that I want to decorate around. One is a beautiful painting by Wilf Perreault a Regina artist who was friends with my mother. I inherited it when Mom died (read: I took it and my siblings can suck it!) and I love having it in my bedroom.

Here it is in our last master bedroom over The Guy's grandpa's rocking chair. It was my favourite corner.

I loved the blue in this room, but wanted something a little more cornflower than grey this time.

I wish I could show you the furniture we bought, but it's currently in storage. That will be for the big reveal, I guess. It's a king sized sleigh bed in a dark brown with a matching dresser and two side tables. I love it. Can I find it on the internet at all so I can show you? No. Of course not.

My plan is for the room to be calming, inviting, and a good balance of masculine and feminine.  The baseboards and things will be white (like in the above picture) and the floor is a gorgeous laminate The Guy bought from Costco on sale. It is also in storage. Someday I will get pictures of that too.

My favourite find of the day is the rug. I love this rug. Next is to convince The Guy!

via Ikea

OOOH, and here's the light fixture!

via Home Depot

So, now I've got the furniture, the colour, the drapes (The Guy bought those already too), the lighting, and the plan... I'm pretty excited. Now just to have the house finished.


  1. Haha! That's the same carpet I had picked for one of my living room mood boards. Obviously, you have great taste! I like that calm blue-grey colour.

    1. That's so funny. It's a great carpet. I loved the grey-blue too. Maybe I need to rethink the colour I chose!

  2. I am so glad you like that picture and that you got it!


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