Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thankful Thursday: Cuba version

I'm not back yet, but I know what I am going to be thankful for, so I will write this now and schedule it for while I'm gone.  Try not to be jealous.
  1. It is not snowing in Cuba.

  2. .
    My beach

  3. There are free drinks and no one judges my 10 am Pina Colada. It has pineapple, so it is a breakfast drink.
  4. Time alone with The Guy maxin' and relaxin' by the ocean.
  5. The pelicans and the guy who feeds them every morning.

  6. .
    Every morning, they walk up the beach following the guy who feeds them.
  1. Limited risk of being glutened. WOO for no wheat in Cuba!!
I'll be home soon. 


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