Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thankful on Thursday

Last week, I decided I was going to be thankful on a more regular basis. I needed to remember there are good things that always will out shadow the bad if you let them shine bright enough.

Okay, that line was pathetic, but you know what I mean.  Now, on to the grateful things.
  1. While I was out the other day, The Guy booked us a spur-of-the-moment trip to Cuba. We love Cuba. We especially love Cuba when it is -55C (windchill included.) I think the cold weather caused The Guy to lose his mind and I'm totally okay with that. Beach, bar, books, HERE I COME!!!!

  2. Bay of Pigs trip (31)- beach
    Bay of Pigs where I learned to snorkel
    Side note: if you know The Guy, you will be highly amused at the thought of him doing anything spur of the moment. I know I was!!
  1.  Grandma had her 94th birthday and was stunned that people kept calling to say Happy Birthday. She had no idea why people would remember to call her. She's adorable. My uncle sent me a picture of her and her birthday cake, but Aunt Deanna is mid-sentance so I don't want to post it.

    Instead, I will post a hilarious picture of Grandma where she looks like she's lost her damn mind. It amuses me greatly.
Grandma and Bron
She would kill me if she knew I posted this.
  1. It has been a balmy -23C (-10F) for the last two days causing all Saskatchewanians to throw caution to the wind and enjoy the winter. Monty and I have been for 2 walks in 2 days and it's been wonderful. There are only two exceptions to this wonderfulness.

  2. First, I am still recovering from my cold/flu of death so the cold air made me cough so hard I peed myself. I'm a grown-up.

    Second, Monty has gone from "I'm so bored I'm never moving again. I might as well sleep because we are NEVER GOING OUTSIDE AGAIN" to "I'm so bored. We need to play. Let's go outside now.  How about now? Now? NOW!!!!!!!!!"   He makes me want to kill him.

    Monty longing for outdoors.
    I walked you, you twit. Now have a nap.
  1. The Guy is a wonderful man and doesn't like to hurt my feelings. I made chocolate chip cookies tonight. Normally, I rock this recipe. It's so good, people line up for my cookies. This batch? Not so good. When I asked him about them, he said "They weren't your best, but I will eat them with ice cream." I tried them and nearly retched. They were VILE. So, I threw them out and will try again tomorrow. I just love that he was willing to eat the most disgusting food just because I made it for him.

  2. That is the entire story of our relationship.

  3. I started the Year of Writing class online. So far I have met a great deal of interesting people, read some of their writing, and written 17 of the 20 ideas that was this week's assignment. It's tough, but I am really excited to be doing it.


  1. What! You're already up to 17 ideas! I am so behind!!!
    And, yes, your grandmother does look rather homicidal. How brave of you to sit so closely to her.

    1. I put them up on our shared drive. They aren't good, but they are there.

  2. LOL at #4. I have choked down many vile foodstuffs in the name of love, and also stuffed myself to the point of physical discomfort in order to avoid refusing to eat something prepared with love. Food-as-love is a powerful bonding agent in my experience.

    You should also be grateful that you hair is so awesome in #2. Was that a pixie cut?

    And also, I am major jelly of your Cuba trip. I troll my favourite hotel every day to see if a good deal shakes out.... Take lots of pics. I need to live vicariously through you guys.

  3. It was a pixie cut. I had it when The Guy and I started dating. Sometimes I want to go back to it, sometimes not.

    I always feel bad when I cook something horrid because he is so willing to eat things I make him. Ugh. But... he does offer to pick up take out a lot...

    I will take tons of pics. Wish you could come too!

  4. I ate an entire rhubarb pie which Mona Galenzoski had forgotten to put sugar in. It took 2 litres of icecream but it was worth it.


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