Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thankful Thursday: Babies, friends, and bras

Today, we will go to celebrate the life of my friend, K.B.  It's a bittersweet week of tears and family and love.

  1. Monty and Lil E are getting to be good friends. I finally got a picture of her enjoying his tail.
    Lil E and the magic tail
  2. I bought two new super bras with my Christmas money. The one I am wearing now is named Olga. Isn't that the greatest name for a bra line? It just sounds like your boobs will not even consider being unruly.
  3. I have gotten closer to K.B.'s high school friend Wynn Anne who has become a good friend for me. I am thankful for all the friends K.B. brought into my life.
  4. My brother, his wife, and my sister are here for the funeral. It may be a sad reason, but I'm so glad to see them. 
  5. The Guy has been a huge support for me this week. He makes all the sucky things better.

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