Thursday, November 28, 2013

Listing things I like to do - why is this so hard?

Last week, I told you about the 5 imaginary lives I wanted to have. It's all part of this book I'm reading about unblocking yourself and allowing yourself to figure out where you want to go and who you want to be.

So far, I'm writing almost every day in my "morning pages" (or at least I'm writing some) and I'm thinking about the topics of tasks that are assigned.

Today's has stumped me.

You would think it would be simple.  Write a list of 20 things you like to do and when the last time you did them was.  Easy, right?

Well... not for me.

I guess I must be pretty limited as I have very few things I can think of.  Like half of the list.  So, I will show you what I have and then I will add to them if I think of anything.  Problem is? I don't really like to DO anything.

I'm lazy and unmotivated.  But it's one of my favourite things about me!

  1. read (today)
  2. knit (yesterday)
  3. shrug for Ky
  4. sew (October? I made a phone case for a friend)
  5. walk the dog (yesterday - he's a jerk and likes DAILY walks... like he's so important.)
  6. 2012-06 Monty in the grass
  7. swim (well, not swim so much as hang out in warm water) (October)
  8. yoga (October? I started daily and that disappeared)
  9. take pictures (good ones, not just iPhone ones on the run) (October)
  10. 127 Havana - B
  11. paint (2011)
  12. craft/make stuff (2012)
  13. decorate (Christmas 2012)
  14. updated: watch TV/ go to movies -- thanks to Renee via FB for this one! (yesterday)
  15. updated: nap!! (Thanks Wynn Anne! via FB) (today!)
  16. updated: write -- I remembered this one in the tub and then Wynn Anne reminded me.  DUH. (today)
  17. updated: spending time with The Guy (every day!)
  18. updated: lunch/coffee with friends (yesterday)
  19. updated: making cookies 
  20. updated: shopping! (Thanks, Zoe!) 
  21. updated: tell people what to do (this is actually what Saryn meant in her comment... I know)
  22. updated: play FB games -- solitaire is my favourite (yesterday)
  23. updated: this should be #1: Make people laugh!!
What do you like to do? Maybe you can give me ideas.  I will update as you I think of things.


  1. I know I wrote a comment, but it seems to have been eaten.

    What about: eat, drink, wear pretty clothes, and, uh WRITE?

    1. Right. Write. That one should have been right up there!

      Eat, drink, wear pretty clothes are all okay, but I would do without if I could. They don't seem to make me think top 20. Though, eating ice cream might.

  2. You like to laugh? You have a great sense of humor, so I can't imagine that wouldn't be in the top 20! ;)

    1. Thanks, Laurie, you're right, that should be on the list. I guess I just didn't think it was a thing!

  3. Eating with fun people, give advice, have sex, enjoy quirky people, make fun of mean people, explore (beaches?)

  4. I like to sing. Not to anyone in particular, but to myself. I also like to cook... to go to thrift stores... to eat delicious food that someone else has made ?

    Great list - it really puts your "loves" into perspective!

    1. I like to sing too. AND I love to eat food other people have made. Nice!

  5. Where's the shopping, and pinterest and posting on facebook? You had a whole post about shopping!


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