Monday, January 13, 2014

Puppies and babies: A walk in the snow

My two favourite creatures are my dog, Monty, and my cousin's little girl, Elizabug. Despite the fact they will be living in close quarters once our house is complete (E's family plan to live in our basement apartment), she and Monty haven't spent much time together.

This weekend we decided to introduce them and take them both on a walk to see how they do.

They started out inside. E was thrilled to see a puppy in her apartment. She was fascinated with his puffy tail that moved faster and faster in her presence. Monty was thrilled that E was holding cheese. I didn't get pictures of this - I was too concerned with making sure no one bit anyone (I'm looking at you, Lil E.)

Then we went outside.

Lil E and her block of ice
A girl and her ice block

Lil E was all cozy in her snowsuit and strapped into her favourite mode of transportation.  Her dad gave her a block of ice as she likes to be able to touch the snow around her. I looked back a few times to see her shoving her face into the snow. She was happy as could be.

Monty bounced around the snow - running ahead to sniff things and running back to check and make sure E was still following.  At one point we tried to get him to chase a flock of grouse, but there was no shovelled path, so he was having none of that.

Dog prints and bird prints in the snow
Grouse vs dog

We walked down along the river and across the crescents towards our new house. We figured it would be a perfect time to show them the place (even though the basement is still just rocks and plumbing supplies) while there were no workers on site.

bridge in the snow

All in all, it was a good day.

Monty enjoying himself
Monty enjoying himself


  1. Sounds like a really nice (much needed) interlude. And I love the pictures.

    1. I think they turned out well! Thanks. It was just what I needed.

  2. I am so glad Monty and Li'l E get along. he was so afraid of little kids for so long and he really is a gentle friendly dog. Perfect for little ones. Great pictures.


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