Monday, October 7, 2013

Wasn't that a party?

I love me some Irish Rovers. Not that they had anything at all to do with the wedding this weekend, but I couldn't resist using their song as a title. For all who think I'm a bit looney, here is the song so you know what I'm talking about. 

My in all my wedding hair glory
I was lucky enough to be involved in my sister in law's wedding this weekend. She's been planning it in great detail for over a year, so we knew it was going to be elaborate.  She's a planner. It's what she does.

We were not disappointed.

This mat greeted guests as we walked into the theatre where the wedding was taking place. It was the coolest venue - a retired church turned theatre with a 60s theme bar in the basement.  The Artisian. It even sounds cool.

The entry mat of love
The only problem with being IN the wedding party is the inability to take pictures.  The wedding hall was gorgeous. The bride was gorgeous. The groom was teary and his vows were the most touching things ever.  There were great laughs, light hearted moments, and - best of all - a marriage.

The family had pictures taken in a parking lot across the way where the fall leaves were turning on the trees and littering the ground. The photographer was great and had no problem contorting himself to get a good shot. It was highly amusing for the rest of us.

Candy bar of goodness
The candy bar was my favourite thing of the night. I immediately went to load up on M&Ms and Reeses Pieces before they were out. There was also a cigar bar and the coolest wedding cake ever, but my photos of those didn't work out.

We had a great dinner, listened to short and hilarious speeches, and then got to watch as my SiL and her new husband did a dance routine as their first dance. It was awesome. You could see the groom counting his steps the whole time.

My bouquet and the candle light.
My bouquet in the candle light
The decor was lovely - fall themed and done to the nines! Our bouquets were amazing too. Being that I was the lucky one to be the only girl in the wedding party, I got a smaller version of the bride's bouquet. Gorgeous. If you ever need flowers done, Gail's Florist in Regina is the place to go. I think it was Brenda who did them. She did mine too and they were gorgeous.

Blurry self portrait
Here we were half way through the night when every one on FB wanted us to post pictures of us all dolled up. It's blurry, but happy... just like we were.


  1. You looked STUNNING. What a wonderful weekend you must have had. I'm guessing this was your mister's sister? Congratulations to them. Thanks for letting us have a glimpse at the wedding.

  2. Yeaaah! You looked amazing.
    I could just dive into that candy bar. Amazing decor!
    Congratulations to the newly weds! And yay for blurry but happy self portraits. Usually they're the ones that mean the most, aren't they? :)

    1. The decor was awesome. She did a good job.


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