Sunday, October 27, 2013

Technological mishaps: A comedy of errors

I used to have a device that wirelessly connected my computer to the TV, so when I moved to the Macbook, I was sad I no longer had that ability.  We made the best of it, watched some shows on my laptop. It was not the same. A 60" TV does not translate well to a 13" computer screen.

I subtly encouraged The Guy to consider Apple TV. In case you haven't heard of it, Apple TV is a device that connects with all your Apple products with your television. You can access your videos, your music, your movies, everything all on your TV. I saw it at a friend's one night and have been coveting it ever since.

After hemming and hawing, we considered waiting to buy it until the new house was finished. But The Guy couldn't resist my nagging charm. He brought it home on Friday.

Setting it up didn't seem to difficult and The Guy started entering all the pertinent information.  The house was quiet and I was in the other room doing dishes while waiting to be entertained.

And I was.

Blasting from the other room came ABBA's Dancing Queen. Knowing that is not Wade's usual preference, I went in to see what was happening.  It wasn't The Guy. Apparently, my MacBook was possessed.

Each time The Guy would press any button on the remote to control the television, my computer would play a different song. 10 seconds of numerous songs in my repertoire sounded through the air. Then, it began bringing up pictures and flashing them across the screen.

The Guy was controlling my computer which he hadn't even connected to the device.

Trying to figure out how to make it stop was impeded by my stomach cramping laughter at The Guy's increasing frustration. I'm a mean wife that way.

Eventually we got it all figured out and disconnected the remote ability to control my computer. The Guy commented on how glad he was he had not turned on his own computer. We laughed and laughed.

The Guy headed to bed early in preparation for his 2am wake up call to go to work. I went about the evening breaking in the new TV connection.  Many movies later, I was getting ready to load up my last TV episode before The Guy woke up.

About 10 minutes to 2am, the computer in the kitchen began screaming some of the loudest and angriest rap music I've ever heard. I thought it was The Guy's alarm but when it continued to play, I realized I had inadvertently turned on The Guy's computer and started up his music.

The Guy stumbled into the kitchen bleary-eyed and wondering why I had started a dance party at 2am. I had to confess I'd done the same thing with the Apple TV remote as he had done earlier.

We likely should become Amish.  We might have less issues.

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