Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall Creations: What I do in my spare time

I learned how to knit 3 years ago when I went to visit my sister in Victoria, B.C.  I took to it like a duck to water. It was like an OCD dream -- counting, repetitive motions, and making something. Since then, I have branched out from my first scarf and dog sweater.
hats and cozys
Adult accessories on Etsy
My preference is making hats. I love how quick they knit up, how many different designs you can make, types of stitches, and the like. I could make hats until the sky falls. And, being that winter is coming up, the sky is going to be falling soon.

Wait, I said I moved on from scarves, didn't I? 

I did, but I learned to love them in other ways.

Scarves on Etsy
Along with knitting, I am also a sewer. I love making useful things that other people can enjoy. I don't ever keep anything I make -- whether knit or sewn -- but I love knowing things I have made are being used and enjoyed by others.  I went through a iPhone and E-reader stage. I love making stylish things that will keep people happy and safe.

covers and iPhones
Geekery on Etsy
But, in all honesty, I love making things for kids. Babies, toddlers, children. I love making little things that will look so adorable on someone else's little things!

Children items on Etsy
All in all, I love keeping busy, I love keeping my hands and brain occupied. But most of all, I love being creative in such a different way.

How do you express your creativity?

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