Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thursday thankful: struggling to find 5 today

  1. I'm still very pleased with our choices for the kitchen and bathroom. The bill for the upgrades came in for the bathroom fixtures and The Guy didn't even freak out. Now to wait on the bill for the quartz countertops...

    counters and cupboards
    Cupboards and countertops
  2. I took a trip to a local thrift store with my friend and got a bunch of great deals for Twoonie Tuesday. Yay for accessible thrifting!!
  3. I spent the day with my favourite little E-bug. We went to the museum so her mother could work on her dissertation.  E was completely in awe. Her favourite part was the constant sound of birds. E loves her birds.

    Kids are like cats. Give'em a box and they are entertained. #100happydays Day 40
    Kid in a box
  4. We had one day of bearable weather so Monty and I could go for a walk. It will be another week before that happens again.  Anyone else tired of winter?
    Winter face
  5. Winter will be over one day. I am holding on to this. Mind you, I think that's what the dinosaurs said before they went extinct.


  1. Good for you for pushing yourself to come up with five! Sometimes gratitude exercises really make us work for it.

    P.S. That is an adorable picture of E-bug.

    1. It was a tough one. But I forgot about one thing, so I guess it wasn't that hard, just a bad memory!!

      E was so proud of herself in that box.

  2. Well done finding five things! And that picture of E is killing me with how silly it is.


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