Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Dinosaurs, butterflies, and exploration: our day at the Science Centre

This morning, my friend Laura, her daughter Sarah, and our friend Skylar decided to go to the Science Centre. I hadn't been in years, so I was interested to see how it had changed. I was also excited to take some awesome pictures. I wasn't disappointed.

Our greeter this morning 
We entered through a large caterpillar over the entrance because of the butterfly exhibit. We went through a maze of butterfly facts, getting stamps on our butterfly sheet, and doing various activities.

Sarah learns about butterflies
From there we moved on from exhibit to exhibit as Sarah squealed with excitement and led us to something new.

Sky and Sarah raise a hot air balloon

Flying the information helicopter
Sarah playing in the air
Sarah gets her hair did.
We tried the hot air balloon, played in the bubble exhibit, watched the gyro demonstration, and visited all the animals we could find.

Automated bear
This (fake) bear turns on automatically to scare the tar out of you!

Science Centre owl
We visited with a (real) horned owl 
At one point, I crashed on a pile of bean bag squares and told Sarah to come get me when she was done. Instead, we had a selfie moment and I rallied enough to go on. Sarah has unlimited energy, but I do not!

Spent the morning at the Science Centre with Sarah, Laura, and Skylar. #100happydays Day 33
After an exhausting and exciting day, we decided to go for lunch to top off the day.  We ate and laughed and Sarah provided us all with tidbits of wisdom. It was a hoot.

Laura and Sarah at lunch

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