Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Jealousy as a road map for change

The task for the Artist Way in week 7 was to create a jealousy map. By identifying who we are jealous of and why we can then look at how to amend that. Rather than looking at jealousy as a terrible, horrible personality flaw, and feeling down about ourselves for having it, the author encourages us to use it as a catalyst to direct us.
"My jealousy had been a mask for my fear of doing something I really wanted to do but was not yet brave enough to take action toward." Julia Cameron, The Artist's Way
So, in the spirit of growth and sharing, here is my jealousy map.

Who: Wynn Anne        
Why: Her fiction writing is so great. Seriously. You need to check it out.
Action/ Antidote: Practice writing fiction until I get better and pick her brain about things more often!

Who: my roving family and friends
Why: They have travelled so many places. My siblings have been to England, Germany, France, Italy, Ireland, Scotland, Romania, and Eastern Canada. My friends have been to Austria, Australia, Brazil, and so many other places. My father goes to weird places so I am not jealous of that. Sheep brains for lunch? No thanks.
Action/ Antidote: To make travelling a priority. Put aside a portion of my "fun money" for solo travel and aside some of our home money for travelling as a couple. And/or, rob a bank.

This one may be a bit odd for you, but here it is.

Who: KB (my good friend who passed away suddenly)
Why: Her life was a true testament of how a person should be. The things people said about her joyous nature, her generosity, her love were not just accolades -- they were absolute truth. I would like to live my life in a way that inspires such prose and esteem.
Action/ Antidote: Live my life in a way where people can say things about me that I would be proud to hear. Live with honesty, kindness, humour, and compassion. Remember who I want to be and make every decision with that person in mind.


  1. 1. I'm embarrassed and flattered. Thank you!
    2. What a GREAT exercise! Instead of just sitting in the miserable puddle of envy, think about where it comes from and use it to make change. I love it! You've inspired me.
    3. I wish travel didn't cost so damned much.

    1. I think it's helped. Instead of hating or seething (not at you, I mean in general) it's good to think of things another way.

      I'm all for free travel.

  2. I never thought you were envious of travelers. I though you were like your mom...the edge of town is sooo far away.

  3. I'd like to experience other places. I just hate the TRAVELLING part. And, I want a home to come back to, just like Mom and Grandma.

  4. What a touching list, especially the last one. What a positive and empowering way to look at what makes you jealous. I think you might have just changed my perspective as well.

    1. I'm really trying to use it as a way to examine what I feel I'm missing. I think it's worth looking at!


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