Tuesday, February 18, 2014

House update: Interior colours are chosen!

Since the new year, the house build has been moving much quicker than it did from October - January. After waiting months for shingles to go from sitting on the roof to actually being installed on the roof, we were thinking the house would never be finished.

While we're still a bit from moving in, it's getting closer.

house - shingled w foam wrap
Our house now. 

In fact, it's getting so much closer that we are starting to get to the planning decor stage. This is my favourite part and I will admit I have spent many hours scouring the internets for the best colours and what might be the perfect colour that looks only marginally different than the other.

It might drive The Guy batty, but it's my happy place.

We finally decided on a range of beige for the main colour, a chocolate brown for the living room accent wall, and a wine red colour for the kitchen accent wall.  The bedroom would be a blue like the room we'd had in our other house.

I did a lot of tests on The Guy to figure out which ranges the colours could fall under. I made numerous collages of 4 different reds or browns or blues -- all I liked -- to see if we would find something we could agree on.

We narrowed it down. And then we went to the store to finalize.

There is a problem with looking on the internet for colours. They are usually not what is in the store. So even though I was on the Benjamin Moore site, the colours I had chosen no longer existed. Awesome.

I told the girl what we were looking for - she told me it didn't exist - and in less than 5 minutes she had covered the desk in sample chips and we had our colours.

The bedroom was easy and here is the final colour choice with the tile and flooring we chose for the master bath. It's going to look like a spa. I cannot wait. I may spend a month in that bathroom.

Finalized our colour/tile design for the Master bedroom and bath!  #100happydays Day 29
I could not be happier with our choice

Then we moved on to the main colour. They didn't have a single red we liked, so I brought along a sample from Home Depot. Martha Stewart in Claret. We would have to colour match, but that's okay. We found the perfect harmonizing colours to that colour and both of us are happy.

Believe me when I say this is rare. The Guy and I think the only good taste the other has shown is who we married.  And it took The Guy two tries on that one.

Our colours for the main floor.

We go on Friday to pick out our kitchen details and the plumbing fixtures. The move in date is likely mid-April, but I'm preparing myself for May 1 so I won't be homicidal disappointed.

Until then, I will entertain myself with colour choices, rug options, and plans for making a thousand throw pillows. The Guy will keep busy checking on the house, ordering lights and blinds, and planning for his shed builds.

Someday, we will move in.

And it's going to be awesome.


  1. This is uber-exciting! Being a guy I only register 16 colours but I like what you've picked. It's going to look awesome!

    1. Thanks, Chris! I think it will be awesome.

  2. Replies
    1. Elan, I cannot wait. Sooooo close. Yet so far.

  3. Throw pillows! Steve absolutely does not understand the joy of throw pillows.

    Lovely colours!

    1. I heart all throw pillows. I will have many many. They will make Wade insane!

  4. P.S. Your Amazon Wish List link sent me to my own wish list. (I thought it odd when I saw hand exercisers -- didn't think you had arthritis.)

    1. Thanks Wynn Anne, I fixed the wish list connection!

  5. Love it! Can't wait to see everything as it comes together.

  6. I love the red and the chocolate brown, and I luurrvve that shade of blue for the bedroom. Can you come re-decorate our house? :-)

    1. I'd be happy to, Alia! I just need plane ticket and expenses!!


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