Tuesday, February 4, 2014

How I won super awesome Blundstone boots

I don't feel like I win a lot of things, but when I do, it's a doozy.

Once, when I was 11, I won a colouring contest and got a basket of Easter chocolate. It included a giant chocolate bunny.

When I was 27, I won a trip to Mexico and took my sisters. It was only available in August, but it was still pretty cool.

Now, I won a pair of the greatest boots!

I entered a giveaway on my friend, Elan's blog Schmutzie.com for an awesome pair of Blundstone boots. I have entered for them before, but never expected to win them. Elan is kind of a big deal and has a lot of followers (and thus entries). Also, I know her personally which means I will not win because that is just the way life is.

Imagine my surprise when I actually won!

I have heard people talk about the boots for ages, but I'm cheap and lazy, so I never got a pair. I was pretty pumped to know they were finally going to be mine!

I was contacted by a rep from Tin Shack and made arrangements to go down to a local shoe store, Iannones Footwear, to pick up my boots.

Wearing my new boots I won from @schmutziemorgan #blundstone #100happydays Day 16
My fancy boots!

Dudes, if you are in my city and need some shoes -- that is the place to go!! They sized me up, hooked me with the perfect Blundstone, and then were very patient with me when I also fell in love with another pair of boots I can't afford.

I settled on a gorgeous pair of Blundstone's and plan to come back for the other pair later.


  1. AWeeeesome! Congrats on winning it! I love them!
    Gah, don't you just hate it when something is out of your price range?! I was pining after a pair of boots last month but they were going for 110. In another store, they were 100... and then I found another store where they were going for 89. Sold! :D
    Hope you get the other pair you love!

    1. Nice! I did go back and pick up the other pair too. I want to sit around and pet them.

  2. Congratulations! I love it when I win something - anything! And to have won boots that you've been hankering for?!? That's fabulous!

    1. It's the greatest pair of boots ever! And the new ones are amazing too!

  3. One of your pictures seems to have gone missing.

  4. Google Blundstone exploding soles. Don't worry they don't explode but they do disintegrate. Google it and you will see. The good news is they will replace them if it happens within 2 years, there after you are on your own. Plus in your case they were free. You can remove the existing sole and get a good cobbler to put a vibram sole on instead


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