Sunday, February 23, 2014

House update: Kitchen and bathroom details

On Friday, we met with our builder to pick out kitchen and bathroom basics.  This was one of the few things I had not fully researched before showing up, so I relied on the professionals to guide me. I was glad both our sales people at the different stores were women so they could help me out vote The Guy if need be.

Though we stopped at the plumbing store first, I am more excited about the kitchen details than the faucets. They are great faucets, but still.

The Guy and I brought in all the samples of our choices thus far. It looked silly lugging in huge chunks of tile and large colour swatches, but the lady was very patient.  We went over to the cupboard door choices and agreed on a style and stain almost immediately. It was a little too easy!!

kitchen collage
A collage of our choices.
Top row: Our colours and flooring and the quartz countertop
Bottom row: the pattern for our cupboard doors and the stain choice

bar pull for cupboards
The pulls on all the cupboards

At the last minute, The Guy and I decided we were going to upgrade the counters in our area of the house. (Sorry renters!)  The sales woman (the most stylish and chic redhead I've ever met -- sorry, Sabbie!) led me over to the quartz and helped me pick what would 1) match all the rooms in the house, 2) be easy to maintain, 3) be tough to damage, and 4) hide all the crumbs.

I was super happy with our choice -- especially because I got to choose it while The Guy and The Builder were watching the hockey game.  However, once she tidied all the samples up, I couldn't pick it out from all the others.  Apparently, they all look the same to me!

kitchen faucet
The kitchen faucet

The kitchen faucet was pretty easy to pick too. I explained my fear of the pull out sprayer dangling like a old man into the sink once the pull wore out and they explained there is now a fancy magnet in there to keep it from doing so. After that, I was sold.

The pièce de résistance was when The Builder asked me about pot drawers. "Pot what?" I asked.  Pot drawers. Fantastic, huge, deep, pull out drawers with dividers so I can easily store, organize, and find pots without banging and clanging them all to get to the one I need which is in the back of the cupboard underneath things I haven't used in 5 years. When I saw the drawer, I could have hugged him.

I believe I did squeal with glee and clap my hands.

Come to think of it, I did that a lot during our shopping.

Now, on to the bathroom.  Here is a picture of what the counters and cupboards will look like with the bathroom colours.  Of course, remember the stain is darker than it appears in this picture. I have no idea why it looks so bright here.

bathroom collage
The bathroom palette

I did not realize the ordeal that picking out bathroom fixtures would be. There were a lot of choices and a lot of them ugly or entirely (and creepily) phallic.  The sales lady, Cheryl (I got her card) showed me what was standard and what their salesman had chosen. She asked if I liked it.

No. No, was the answer.  So, we moved on.  I picked another package that was the same price, but SO MUCH BETTER.  Moen Rizon shower and bath accessories.

bathroom fixtures
Top row: the shower faucets for each bathroom with the Delta In2ition head
Bottom row: the master bath faucet
with ($250 upgrade) sprayer! (I'm going to need another job)
and the bathroom sink faucet
I could not be happier. However, this shopping spree will be dang expensive when they send the upgrade bill to me (not to The Guy... I didn't want his head to explode) and it all came with the news that the move in date will be May 1 now.  Only 6 months later than we planned... no big.

Oh well, until then I get to decorate in my head.


  1. Pot drawers are the absolutely best thing in a kitchen. In fact, all our cabinets are drawers unless that is not possible.

    You're smart to upgrade your counters (and other items) from the outset; you won't regret it. Love your choices.

    1. I think I would love all drawers. Oooh! Like one for plastic happiness (aka Tupperwear)

    2. "Plastic happiness" -- haha! Why isn't someone paying you to be funny?

  2. Everything is looking amazing! Out of curiosity (I was just showing Chris all the pictures), is the downstairs shower getting the Moen shower head that comes with the set, or the Delta one? That was the only one of Chris's questions that I couldn't answer.

    1. It will be the Delta one. You need it for your munchkin!!

    2. *Wild applause * Oh man, am I ever excited about that. In this apartment, we've really been missing having a detachable shower head, since it makes it easier for rinsing off E. (Honestly, it makes cleaning the tub easier, too!)

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