Sunday, May 25, 2014

Final 50 pictures: 100 happy days in 120 days or less

A long time ago, I did the top pictures of my first 50 days of the #100happydays project. I showed pictures of The Guy and Monty, shots of the house build, of walks in the winter, and of Lil E.


When I left you last, I ended with the picturesque shot of spring coming to the land. It was a slow spring and 27 days later, I was able to break out of my winter boots into something more fun.

Two days later, I was back in winter boots.

Day 52                                                                                     Day 79
Channels in the ice allowing water to drain. #100happydays #spring no filter
Signs of spring: water channels
Bringing out my cool kicks bc it's spring, dang it! #100happydays
Cool kicks bringing in spring!

It is now happily spring, loping towards summer, and I couldn't be happier with the warm weather gracing our presence again.

House progress

The house had started to take shape in the first 50 days and continues to edge towards completion. Our move in date was this weekend, but while our belongings and tenants (hi Sister-wife!) are in, we are not yet.

Here it is starting to shape up into a real house -- inside and out.

Day 56                                                                                       Day 88
We have drywall! #100happydays
We have progress!! #siding #100happydays
We have siding!

I'm in love with the interior, the exterior, the possibilities of decorating each room to my exact liking. I am impatient, but happy with what will be awesome eventually.

Day 87
Reminded why my house is worth the wait. #100happydays #bathroom
Reminding myself why the house is worth the wait
Day 97                                                                                           Day 99
Pics of the backsplash as it goes in. #100happydays
The backsplash as it is installed
Fireplace surround is in!
Fireplace stone is in!

My dog, my companion

I have been thankful everyday for my silly little dog. On days when I am grumpy, sad, hurt, or happy as all heck, he is there making every day better. When he got hurt this spring, it made me realize how much I relied on him just for snuggles alone.

Day 60                                                                                          Day 74
My cuddle bear #100happydays
My cuddle bug.
Morning cuddles with my puppy. #100happydays
Morning cuddles with my puppy

A few weeks rest and he was back to his old self. Trouble.

Day 80
The dog busied himself while I did outdoor yoga. #100happydays
The dog busied himself while I did outdoor yoga

Keeping busy

I started yoga in April and found a way to centre, re-focus, and get my body healthier. After my back injury in March, it was exactly what I needed.

Day 69                                                                                          Day 70
First day at yoga class. I was awkward, but I loved it! #100happydays
First day at yoga class!
Inside the yoga studio. Greenery, exposed brick, and a gorgeous view. #100happydays
View from the yoga studio

Toddler madness

I have continued to enjoy hanging out with Lil E as often as I can. I love watching her go from baby, to not-a-baby, to little person.  She's a hoot and I am thrilled to watch her grow up!

Day 75
Enjoying supper with my favourite toddler. #100happydays
Lunch w my favourite toddler
Day 96
Hard to get a shot of this monkey wearing the sweater I made her. She was full of beans today.
Lil E wearing the sweater I made her

New animal friends, continued travels, and surprise presents

My last days of the 100 day challenge was spread over a few more than I expected. I intended to keep up with the every day, but grumpiness and busyness vied for my attention.

I did have great interactions with two animals named Stella.

One, the cat Stella, my office mate and I rescued. She was tiny and starving, but she flourished in cat foster care and will be causing all manners of mischief with her new family soon.

The second, french bulldog Stella, is the dog of my friend. She is ridiculous and has painted nails. I love her wrinkles.

Day 73                                                                                         Day 92
Stella the rescue cat!
Stella the rescue cat!
The wrinkles on this dog. #100happydays
The wrinkles on this dog

I travelled back to Melfort area a couple of times. Once I got stuck in the mud, the other I enjoyed the skies as I made it home before the storm.

Day 77                                                                                          Day 95

My knight in shining tow truck! #100happydays #drjohn
My knight in shining tow truck
The view from the side of the most boring highway #100happydays
Good scenery on a boring highway

After joking that I would need to try and convince The Guy to buy this print for me, he actually went and surprised me with it weeks later.

Day 63
In love with this print from Home Sense. I'm hoping I can convince Wade! #100happydays
My new painting!

Then, last week a friend - for whom I made a hat this winter - sent me the greatest thank you gift! Home-made quilted coasters and a little wall hanging!

Day 100
I got the greatest gift in the mail today! @ordinarymom Thanks!! #100happydays #instacollage
Great gift in the mail from a new friend

All in all, it's been a great 100 (well, 120) days.

Day 62
Wearing purple to promote seizure awareness day for my pal, Dawsyn! #100happydays
Wearing purple for my friend, Dawsyn,
in honour of Seizure Awareness Day.


  1. Oh my gosh, Lil is SO cute. I love her hair! And your finishes in the house are so pretty - I'm very jealous.

    1. Katie, she is the most precocious little kid. I plan to help her get into a lot of trouble as she grows up!

  2. Sweet! Great idea to keep track of what makes you happy.

    1. Thanks, Anne. It really helped to keep me concentrating on the positive.

  3. This post is a great idea. You've inspired me.

    1. I'm so glad, Maggie! It's been such a wonderful experience!!

  4. Your backsplash is worth the wait, the view from your yoga studio is inspiring... and I love the little sweater you made! Definitely things to put a smile on a face! :-)

    1. Thank you, Sheila! Being that you know about decor, I'm thrilled!!

  5. what a great idea - i think i need to do the same. step up my game, commit to looking for something happy in the world every day

    1. Angie, it is totally worth it. It's interesting to have your whole day be on the look out for what is going to make you happy.

  6. Yay, what a great collage post of happy!!

    1. Heather, thanks so much! I am thinking of having my favourite shots made into a collage for my sewing room!


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