Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I be the dumb

In the last few months, I've been a bit distracted. Between my regular job, my contract work, my back injury and subsequent treatment, the house build, the lack of house completion, and all the other things I have going on, I cannot seem to keep a brain in my head.

Brain farts

I didn't think being so distracted was a problem. However...

I have lost my train of thought mid-sentence.

I have searched my brain wildly for a word and not found it.

I have resorted to charades on more than one occasion to get my point across.

I also cannot remember how to spell anything. That makes writing a tad difficult.

Running late

I have been late. To everything.

I'm rarely late.

These days, I'm the freaking White Rabbit.

I have been late to every appointment (of which there has been many - physio, chiro, acupuncture, and massage) as well as church, dates with friends, and bedtime.

I'm early only to yoga because I cannot remember what time the class begins.


I keep getting lost.

That was the day I tried to go to church. The church I have been attending for 30 years. The church that is an easy drive from my house. I should have driven down 3 streets - 3 turns - 7 minutes.

Instead, I ended up on the ring road heading to the wrong end of the city.

The other day I tried to drive to an address 2 blocks from my office. 16 blocks away, I realized I had done it again.

I leave one room for another and have no idea why I'm there.

Normally, I would go back to the original room, remember, return, and complete the task.

I've done this cycle three or four times before actually getting it done.


I don't know where all the brain power is going, but it's obviously leaking from somewhere. I'm trying to get things done, finish reports, write blog posts, spend time with The Guy, get more things done at the office, and remember to put on deodorant every day.

It's not working.

A friend assures me when we get into our house a huge weight will be lifted off my shoulders and much of my brain smarts will return. I'm not convinced, but I'm hopeful.

Wait... what was I doing here?


  1. Hang in there. Remember, Edith, you are half of half of your mother's mother's family

    1. Oh man. I forgot it's hereditary from an early age. I'm so screwed.

  2. I've been there before. Hang in there - as the stress lifts you will find your brain again.

    1. Thanks, Wynn Anne. I cannot wait. It's like pregnancy brain without the pregnancy.

  3. Don't worry, you'll get your mojo back eventually. I once got lost in my own neighborhood, two blocks from my house. Cops had my normal route blocked off for a parade set up and they made me go another way. I got lost in a neighborhood behind my house that had a number of cul de sacs. I kept driving around and around the same places and kids were pointing at me, knowing I was lost, or thinking I was casing the neighborhood. It was fun.

    1. Oh my, Kathy. that is the greatest. It makes me feel better, so that's something!


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