Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thankful for Monty, birthdays, women, and classic TV

It has been a week.

You can insert "hell of a" or "exhausting" or "debilitating" in there if you would like.

But the week is coming to a close and, while some things are still not great, I am trusting they will be.

That is the whole purpose of this exercise, after all.

  1. Monty had a birthday today. He is 9 years old. Some days he is a grumpy old man and other days he is a spry pup. Every day he makes me laugh, gives me love, and annoys the tar out of me.

    I'm thankful for the day he was born in the middle of my sister's bed like a fat slimy black jellybean.

    Monty as a pup

    Monty in the sun (2)
    Monty as an adult

  2. This weekend was my birthday too. A grand 38 years of age. I'm not sure I like getting closer to 40, but I've enjoyed my 30s a lot and don't mind getting older.

    1977 - (1)
    I'm still fabulous.
  3. The #YesAllWomen tag has been getting a lot of talk. It is spreading the message of awareness and mindfulness of all the things that daily occur to women around the world.

    I'm thankful for the openness of all people who recognize it is time to stand up and say "This is not what I want for women to ever experience again."

    original here

  4. We should be able to move completely into our house on Saturday. I'm saying "should" because right now I'm in a rental with an air mattress and large screen TV and I have no trust left in humanity.
  5. Grandma called in a panic to tell me Grandpa had died the night before (he died 8 years ago). Once I calmed her down, I shared the story with my brother. He replied with our favourite lines from Roseanne. "HE'S DEAD! DEAD!  He's fine, he sends his love."

    Watch from the 1:00 mark to the end.


  1. Monty is NINE? Love the Roseanne clip.

    1. I know, Dad! It hardly seems like 9 years since he was born. He's 63 in dog years. Closer to your age now! (I think that explains his grumpiness)


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