Thursday, May 8, 2014

The good things in it all: Thankful Thursday

Though I have gotten out of the habit of doing this weekly, I'm still grateful for a great many things. This week has been a much better version of life.
  1. We move in to our new house in 2 weeks today. After months of waiting, we are almost there! Things are starting to look like they might actually get it all done.
    We have progress!! #siding #100happydays
    Siding! should be completed this week

    Reminded why my house is worth the wait. #100happydays #bathroom
    My bathroom of beauty

  2. Being on holidays means I can work on my contract report and get a good portion of it before we move to the new house.  This is especially good as I've had 3-5 months less than most consultants have to write it and it's turning out to be very complicated. 

  3. My latest physio assessment said I'm well on the way to recovery - the nerves are finally responding normally! My muscles are still tight and painful, but it is progress.

    This is especially good news as the week before I was a sobbing mess in her office because of pain. I'm now doing numerous things of acupuncture and massage - that plus yoga and I will be back. (Pardon the pun.)

  4. I compiled a list of 80s songs for my sister (at her request).  I have over 6 hours of 80s music just that I could find. I'm sure there is more because a lot of my favourites weren't on my file! Here is a snapshot just of my 80s pop/rock mix.

    The good thing is, this doesn't show how often I listen to it.

    Sigh. I'm a loser.

  5. Despite all the turmoil in Ukraine (link to: Ukraine fighting back), my Dad and my StepMom Tanya are still planting things of beauty and reminding us that life... it goes on

    Tanya's spring flowers


  1. I like this Thankful Thursday blog. I may try it myself.

    1. It's a good reminder. Helps me to look for the good things that happen. I can be grumpy otherwise!

  2. That's so exciting that you will be in your house soon! I can't wait to see the tour of the house.

    And I love this Thankful segment. It's something that I'd love to try!

    1. Thanks Tara! Once it's done, I will make another video (I've shared with my family so far) to show it in all it's glory. Then will come unpacking and decorating!!

  3. You have lot's of nice things to be thankful for! I love the tile, and the pretty flowers and I know most of those songs too, yup!

    1. Heather, the 80s had some fabulous music. I love it.


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