Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thankful for Dollarama home decor

  1. The drywall is finished. The ceiling is sprayed and knocked off. The painting is started. May 1 is coming soon.

  2. I heart shopping at Dollarama. Not only did I get a ton of stress busters for work, I found this set of letters (for $2.50!!). It kickstarted my need to plan the foyer of the new house. (Post next week!) I also bought an etched glass sign, but both The Guy and my young friend, Maddy, assured me it was ugly. Thankfully it was only $3.

  3. My WCB claim was processed. I'm still waiting to talk to a person about how it all works, but I'm seeing my chiropractor, my masseuse, and am going to a physiotherapist next week. I'm a little sore and ouchie in spots, but my headache is workable. 

  4. I'm a little behind, but I'm still really enjoying the #100happydays challenge and it gave me the chance to share this print that I want so badly.

    In love with this print from Home Sense. I'm hoping I can convince Wade! #100happydays
    I convinced him! He bought it two weeks later!!

  5. No matter how whiney or pouty or sad I am, The Guy will still work on making me laugh.


  1. I like Number 5 best. I wish you another 70 years of laughter together.

    1. Thanks, Pops. Me too, but more like 50. Neither of us want to live that long!! Together or apart.

  2. Um we love the dollar store. So many good things in there! that is a great find.
    That print is lovely! you have to get it ;)

    1. The dollar store is the greatest. I didn't get the print from Winners though. Too much money this time around.


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