Friday, November 8, 2013

Working hard or hardly working

My 93 1/2 year old grandma has always been a worker. She is happiest when she is doing something productive.

This fall, Grandma was in her element.  She got to help my uncle get his yard ready for fall. She had assisted him in planting the flowers and talked about that for week, so when it came time to rake and mow and tidy, she was all over that.

Uncle sent me a couple of pictures of Grandma and included a video of her pushing a lawn mower twice her size. It was adorable. I haven't seen her as happy as that in awhile.

Grandma working
Wee Grandma loading a recycle bin that is bigger than her.
I was telling The Guy all about the picture and showed him the video. I told him how Grandma has always been happiest when she is working.

The Guy looked incredulously at me and said, "How are you related to her?"


  1. Did I ever tell you I love your husband? You deserve him.

  2. Replies
    1. She likely is. You would just have to go get her from AB. My uncle could use the break!

  3. She is may be free but she is not even reasonable.


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