Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My imaginary life: what I want to be

In getting my writing mojo (and all other mojo) back on track, I started reading a book that has made the rounds here and there in the last 10 years or so. (It might be more, I can't be bothered to look.)  It's called The Artist's Way and it's about self-discovery and all that.  I find the author a little "fluffy" but the ideas behind it are sound.

One challenge is to figure out what is blocking you from being the best and most creative person you can be. Every day, you are encouraged to write 3 pages of free flowing writing.  The idea to this is there is a lot of messed up crap inside our heads that needs to be tossed out. If we write it out first thing in the morning and never look at it again, we have clean space for the positive things.

I like it.


There are also tasks to complete each week. This week's question was:
If you had 5 alternate lives to create, what would you be in each of them?
I thought you might be interested in hearing my answers.

  1. Writer -- I think I have always wanted to write. I remember finding a story I had written where the narrator was an old woman who was writing about being a writer even though no one read what she wrote. That is where my heart is in a lot of ways and yet I've never explored it beyond the walls of the internet.  I would like to write books and books and books and have people be touched by what I write, whether it is silly fiction or heartbreaking. 
  2. Interior Designer -- I love choosing paint colours and themes. I always thought I would like to do that all the time. Pinterest helps. It's like designing a million rooms for a million people and never having to leave the house.
  3. Police Officer -- This is the closest to real life. I really did intend to be a police officer when I started out.  I'm thankful it didn't work out that way, (especially after the *^R% polygraph) but the thought of putting on a uniform and a gun appeals to me still. When I was a teen, there was a period of time I wanted to be a sniper. I think that scared a lot of people.
  4. Singer -- I like to sing. The Guy doesn't think I'm particularly good at it, but he's tone deaf, so I forgive him. In my perfect alternate reality, my sisters and I are a trio singing folk gospel type music. My youngest sister is the melody, while my middle sister and I sing duelling harmonies.  We would make Naomi Judd weep with jealousy.
  5. Barrista -- This one might give you all pause. However, here is why. I love being a clerk in a service industry.  Not a restaurant or anything complicated, but a coffee shop would be perfect. A quick chat with customers, familiarity and humour, then get their stuff quick as a bunny and off they go. It's the perfect length of social interaction for me. (PS, I wrote barrista instead of coffee wench because it makes The Guy's head explode.)
So there it is. A list of what I want to be in a different life. Most of it is beyond my reach or will or ability. However, I could totally be a coffee wench. If only I could make a decent wage. You guys would tip well, right?

Quick! What would you be in your imaginary lives?


  1. What a fantastic exercise! I may have to try it.

    1. You should. It's a really interesting idea!

  2. So, in my fanfiction, Bronwyn is an Interior Designer (to the stars!) by day, designing elegant and beautiful spaces that are coveted by the glitterati. She also writes a well-received column in Dwell magazine, where she was noticed by a Big Name Publisher, who convinced her to write several bestselling novels under a nom-de-plume. Our story begins just as the news of her nom-de-plume has been leaked to the press, and she must deal with the new-found pressure of being both a sought-after interior designer and a beloved author!! But, the plot twists: Bronwyn is secretly a sniper for the dark ops branch of CSIS, periodically being flown under cover of darkness into the world's most amazing cities in order to take down Bad Dudes. Not only is she a renowned sharpshooter, but her skills as a singer and barista have allowed her not merely excellent cover stories, but make her the ideal agent for Honey Trap missions! It all comes to a head when she is assigned to take out a Super Bad Dude at a Bad Dude Convention at The Ritz, having warmed up to the Super Bad Dude in her role as Melodina, the beautiful singer whose burgeoning career Super Bad Dude has nurtured, who is getting into the Bad Dude Convention as Super Bad Dude's date that evening. But oh noes! It's the same evening as Bronwyn's super-publicized London launch of her new novel!! Worse, she is starting to develop feelings for the mysterious, conflicted, and painfully attractive Super Bad Dude, despite remaining loyal to The Guy... What will she do? How will she choose? Find out in: The Sharpshooter's Song: Sniper-Singer of the Heart: Part 32 of 58 (..so far).

    ...And that was the best fifteen minutes I have ever wasted at work. :)

    1. Kate, that was the most fun ever. Thank you!

  3. Sniper, huh :). I loved your list. I'm hoping #5 happens. Your blog and posts already inspire and move me. I love reading what you have written.

    1. Thank you so much, Amy. That's so wonderful.

  4. During career week at school last year, they did a display where you had to match a bunch of staff members to what job they'd want to be doing if they weren't working in a school. I was like, "Why didn't they ask MEEE??" and all the kids were like, "Um, because you would be a singer and it's super obvious because you never stop singing?" Oh, yah. That's probably it.

  5. Ahhhh, Bronwyn, this was so fun!! I really love this idea and all your answers rock! Everything appeals to me except maybe being a police officer... :P But I think you'd be a kickass officer.
    I might have to steal your idea and answer these questions myself :D

  6. I will try to sign in again and leave a comment. It is not too late to change careers. Writer, decorator and singer.


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