Sunday, November 17, 2013

Radio silence

I've been quiet this past week. Apart from my rant against forced sexiness and my fingerless mittens pattern, I have struggled to write anything.

I promised myself I would not write if it was only to complain and not: a) be funny about it, or b) have a solution about it.  I also promised I would not write about work in any real or present way.

That made this last week one of enforced blog silence.

I have a difficult time writing when I am in the throws of something bad. Afterwards, I have no problem. I can see the end of it all and I have really great ability to deconstruct things once they are completed. Then I have wit and insight and understanding.

Until then, I'm just effing miserable.


Since last week, I have gone back to seeing a counsellor. I have started a new series of books I am highly entertained by.  I have started reading a book on getting past hurts, unblocking myself from them, and finding a way to be creative while doing so. I have started cooking more things (more on that tomorrow... oy vey.)

I will likely have to start and restart things over and over again. But, I'm going to keep doing them.


  1. I just want the whole world to be kind to you, Bronwyn.

  2. Don't ever stop writing, Bronwyn! Let yourself write drafts and THEN decide if you will publish them or not.

    Writing is catharsis. Get it out of you.

    And if you want some really terrible - but perhaps distracting - humourous novels, let me know.

    This too, shall pass. Stay strong, girlie.

    1. Thanks, Tara. I love distracting, terrible, and humorous novels!

  3. Some times we all have to step away. It helps to regain perspective. Glad you took some time away but I am happy to see you've come back.


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