Friday, December 20, 2013

Anna's decision: Fiction Friday

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"Have you thought of what you'd like to do to fix up the house?" Kade asked while he walked Anna back to the shop. They had just finished a quick lunch at the diner and Anna was anxious to get back to relieve Zoe at the shop.

"I guess I had thought of some things I wanted to do with it, but wasn't sure where to start. Do you have some ideas?" Anna considered Kade's handiness and constant availability. Being the local handy-man and Jack-of-all-trades could not be a lucrative career choice. Maybe she could throw some work his way. It would help her with getting the house ready for winter and would help him out at the same time.

Kade gave her question some thought before answering. "I think the windows are going to need replacing within a year or two. For sure the sills need a coat of paint, but that's just cosmetic. The roof could use a closer look too before winter hits. I can take a look next week and make you a list."

"That would be great. Thanks. I appreciate the help" Anna stopped as they reached the shop door, knowing that Kade would open it for her. She didn't usually like that sort of thing, but he seemed to do it for everyone, so she wouldn't make a big deal out of it. "Talk to you later" she said as he carried on his way.

Zoe looked at the closing door knowingly. "It seems things are going well between you two! I knew it!" She grinned at Anna.

"Zoe, you know it's not like that. We're friends. I don't know many people and he's nice and we get along. It doesn't have to be more than that." Anna put her coat away and started working on shelving a new order of books. "You have a need to match make that doesn't take in to consideration the parties lack of romantic interest!"

Anna had to smile as Zoe let out a huge laugh at her comment. "You got me there, dear girl! But Kade doesn't need more friends. He needs someone who will be with him for the long haul. So do you!"

Anna shook her head and went back to work. She knew Zoe had good intentions, if an over-exuberant way of going about her benevolent work.  Anna told herself she wasn't ready for a relationship and everyone would just have to accept that. She wouldn't make the mistake of trusting someone with her heart for a long long time. If that meant she couldn't have Kade as a friend, she would have to figure something else out.

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