Friday, August 30, 2013

Fiction Friday - Chapter 2

Chapter 2
As the box slipped through Anna's fingers, she shouted an incoherent curse and grasped at the edges for a better grip. As was her usual panache, this caused her to trip over her own feet and sprawl half across the box and the doorway.
"You look like you could use some help." A voice, with a trace of amusement, said from behind her. "Hopefully nothing in there was breakable?"
She sighed inwardly and blew her hair back from her face. She knew that voice.

"No, nothing is broken but my pride and my kneecap." She shifted to her knees and braced her arms on the box to haul herself up. She was nothing if not graceful, she thought. A hand came under her elbow and helped her to her feet. It was then she looked up at her helper.
"I’m hoping that both your pride and kneecap can be mended." Kade looked down at her as she wiped the dust and other unidentified ground particles from her jeans.
She couldn’t help but smile back at him even as she winced at the pain in her shin and the lasting mortification from the towel incident the day before. He had an infectious grin, she thought. Light brown eyes and an open face. Tall, she thought, which is always a bonus being that she nearly topped 6 feet herself. Brown hair, a little shaggy, with a lanky body and strong shoulders.
Hmmm. Strong shoulders.
"You look like you’re the kind of guy who couldn’t walk away from a woman in distress. Want to help me with the last few boxes?"
"Well, it wasn’t what I had in mind when I stepped out this morning, but I suppose I can help. Mind you, I didn’t think I’d rescue your dog yesterday either. It’s been a full week. However, watching you move the last one, I wonder how anything you own made it in one piece."
Anna threw her head back and laughed making quick strides back to the moving van. "I don’t settle for anything that isn’t hardy." She shot back over her shoulder.

"I can see that.  Where is your fine dog, Disaster, today?"  Kade followed close behind her, casting a look towards the open front door.

"After yesterday, I banished Troulble to the backyard when there is a chance he can run away or strip me naked."  As Anna listened to Kade chuckle she thought to herself that if she couldn’t erase the towel drop from existence, she could at least move on.  
He watched a moment as she stood at the door of the van, hand on her hip, contemplating the insides as though deciding which piece to do battle with next.
Kade chatted cheerfully as he hefted a box she pointed out to him.  He made his way back towards the house on the corner.  "I had wondered who was moving into the Spinster House. I am glad to see it being used again."

"I heard you say that before.  The Spinster House?"
"Yeah, that’s what it’s been known as for as long as I’ve been alive. Three of the nicest old ladies lived here for years until they couldn’t live alone any longer. The town librarian, my grade 12 English teacher, and the owner of the bookstore. I guess they were your aunties?"

They amicably moved boxes from the vehicle to the house while continuing their conversation.  Anna was impressed with how well they worked together.

"Yes, my father's sisters.  We spent a few summers with them, but my father travelled a lot so we didn't see them as often as we would have liked.  I didn't know much about their lives here."

"Word had it that all of them had a chance to get married, but chose not to or something terrible happened that prevented it. Then, of course, us kids all said the house was the reason. It’s cursed." Kade whispered with a wink.
"A cursed spinster house? That might change my desire to live here." Anna said facetiously. "Mind you, I don’t believe in curses, and I’m not looking for a husband, so I should be okay."

Kade hefted another large box. "I don't know. The rumour is now, the house will never be settled until three owners have found their true loves."

Anna shook her head in amused disbelief, "I think I will take my chances."  She shut the van door with finality, "Thanks for all your help though - physically and... accommodation wise. I best go rescue Trouble from the yard before he digs a hole to the neighbours!"

"Okay, but don’t say I didn’t warn you!"

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