Saturday, December 14, 2013

PInterest gifting: What I would buy the guys in my life

I showed you things I would buy my friends, things I would buy my sisters, and now we're on to things I would buy the guys in my life -- husband, brother, and father.

My brother is easy to buy things for. I see things I would get him on a regular basis. Do I get him those things? No. Why? Because he used to take money from my paper route bag and I'm pretty sure he's still working it off.

This year, I would imaginary buy him this framed picture of Bill Murray.  Why? Because it is awesome.
Everyone needs this picture - via

My husband is a bit tougher to buy for.  If he wants something, it is usually so far above my spending limit I would need to take out a house loan. Anything else, he just buys for himself. However, he's always happy with Rider gear or techy stuff, so I'm usually safe to get him that.

This year, I would get him two things.  A nifty portable charger for his phone.

And these shoes. He's a huge fan of Converse and I think these would be awesome.

My Dad is also easy to buy for. He wants books. Books, bookshelves, gift certificates for books, and/or pictures about cows.

So, for my Dad this year, I send this framed picture of a cow. Because I care.



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