Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Pinterest things I would give: The sister edition

I have loved Pinterest since the fateful day I started scrolling through it's glorious pages of recipes, home decor, and purchasey goodness.  Last week I showed you what I would buy everyone for Christmas if I had the time, money, and - well - inclination.

Today, I'm showing you what I would buy my sisters (including my sister-in-laws). I am forever sending my sisters (the 2 on Pinterest) links to cool things I wish I could actually buy them in real life, but totally never would. It's like I'm saying "See this? I want you to have it. Except... not really! ENJOY!!"

For my sister LynnieC, I would get this necklace. Which is on sale for $0.01 and $5 shipping. You would think I would get it for her, but you would be wrong. Suck it, Lynnie! Of course, my other SiL Melanie will be so choked this isn't for her. She and Lyn fight over who gets the owls.


For my SiL Kelly, I would buy this necklace or anything this woman makes. Kelly always has the greatest statement jewellery and I always want to see what she finds next.

For my sister Ky, I would get these earrings. She is always a sucker for putting a bird on it, so I want to help her do just that.


Finally, for my other SiL, Melanie, I would get her this scarf. She has such a love affair with mustard and she's one of the few people who looks phenomenal in it.

I love how Pinterest lets me shop for all my family without ever leaving the comfort of my couch and without actually spending any money. What would I buy for you? Stay tuned to find out.

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