Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thankful Thursday

This week's thankful list is brought to you by "I love my job" and "I'm too old for this."

  1. Even though I stayed in a rather sketchy motel room in Melfort, I did not get murdered and their pillows were enormous!

    Motel pillows with actual substance

  2. I am thankful chiropractors exist.  Oh! And massage therapists.  After my weekend at work where I wrenched my back, I need it! Tomorrow morning, I will be in heaven!

  3. I had a play date with Lil E on Tuesday. We went to the library, played with the dog, had a bottle (mine was wine), and went on a walk. There was no napping.  Until we pulled into her parents parking lot, that is.  I'm still tired and thankful I'm an auntie and I get to send her back when I'm exhausted!  Can't wait to do it again! 

    Come see this, Auntie!
  4. I went on a quick trip near Melfort and got to see a roadside robot, a redneck snowmobile, and a beautiful church. I also got to take this picture of the stain glass window from the inside of another beautiful church.  Being that my trip was for business, it was definitely a pleasure!!

    Simple, but beautiful
  5. I'm home with my man and my dog. Can't ask for more.


  1. Good things to be thankful for, all of them.

  2. I love old churches and their windows. So pretty!!

    1. My dream is for my sisters and I to take a summer and go to random towns in Sask and take pictures of old churches. I want to make a coffee table book.

  3. Love your list! My favorite pictures from a Savannah, GA trip a couple years ago was inside The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist church. So beautiful, so much color and light.

    p.s. I'm glad you weren't murdered in your hotel. I was just at a conference in Hershey, PA this week. I felt safe in the hotel, but maybe because I used all the deadbolts and latches on the door. I'm not used to sleeping alone. Freaks me out.

    1. I love churches and roadside things.

      I do wish I'd had some deadbolts the other night.


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