Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Haunted by the ghost of coincidence

My mom says hi.

At least, that's the joke I have had going this week because of how often things about her have been popping up randomly.  It's been 10 years on April 9th since she died of cancer, so I was aware there would be memorials and pictures and all that, but I didn't expect this.

Last week, after 10 years, I accidentally called my mom's old work number.

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Mom used to work for the health district. All numbers in health start with 766 and the last four digits are different. I was calling an agency in the health district that I call numerous times a week. I wasn't thinking about their number because it's ingrained in my head.

Suddenly I looked down at the display on the phone and realized I had not called them. I had called Mom's work number.  I hung up and shook my head.  Where did that come from?

When I mentioned it to my siblings, my brother asked "Did she answer?" and I stole a line that my friend KB used to say when someone asked her about talking to her (deceased) mother "I would be significantly more excited if she had!"

Fast forward to this week.  I had applied for a new credit card to put all my business expenses on (and, honestly, to get a bonus air miles deal).  It arrived in the mail and I set up the activation.  The website reminded me to look at the PIN they sent me for when I make direct purchases. I opened up the little flap and damn near fell over.

It was my mom's four digits of her work phone number.


  1. I am not all that surprised. You know the story of how, after she died, we feel she guided the placement of a tree to be planted in her memory on our lot at the lake. Without knowing it, we almost planted the tree where she used to sit and read her book. For some reason we moved it to another location. After the tree was planted our neighbour came and told us they were watching and thought we were going to plant the tree where Ella sat when she was enjoying the view. I still get goosebumps when I tell the story.

    1. Barb, I remember that. She's just been pretty quiet until now.

  2. No such thing as coincidence. I believe our loved ones come to us at certain times and let us know they are still with us. <3


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