Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Monty would like you to call SPCA

Since moving into the new house, it has been a whirlwind of activity.

Change is hard

Monty has been on edge for months since he saw us starting to pack up the rental in April.

Mom packs a bag, there is obviously something wrong.

2012-06 Monty and Monkey
Sucky baby

Since being in the new house, it's even worse. There is chaos everywhere.  


The Guy and I sleep in separate rooms (taking turns on the couch) because our bed has not arrived. Monty goes from one room to the next and back again because he needs to check on both of us while we sleep.

During the day, our every waking moment is spent unpacking. Boxes are everywhere and I am constantly on the go. 

For a dog who must be near me at all times, this is quite exhausting for poor Monty.

Shadow in dog form

He follows at my heels as I traipse from room to room, putting things in places, moving things to other places, or standing around doing things. He stares at me with sad dog eyes wishing I would sit for awhile and give him cuddles.

If I do sit anywhere for more than a minute, he collapses on the floor in a heap.  

Later today on I, MayB: Monty would like someone to pay attention to him.
As I work on my project.

The moment I so much as move, he is up and on alert.

He is an anxious mess.

Bad dog mommy

We are not helping him any either.

The Guy has temporarily moved to night shift at work.  This is problematic for Monty as it means both The Guy and I have similar hours of work and Monty is alone in a strange place with strange sounds and he is abandoned.

The first night we went to work, he barked for almost 3 hours with only a 1/2 hour break in the middle.

It was then our tenants (and good friends) came and rescued him.

That has been our itinerary for the last week or so. We leave the door to the common space open, Monty says good bye and then snuffles at the tenants door so they will let him in.  He lounges for a bit, says goodnight to Lil E, and then heads upstairs.

Easy peasy.

Well, as long as his parents remember a few important things.

One night, The Guy forgot to leave a light on. Strange place, strange noises, and darkness = freaked out dog.

Bad dog?

A week later, we both thought the other one had let him out to pee. As soon as he went into the tenants house, he peed on the sheepskin rug that was a gift from Lil E's grandparents when they were in AUSTRALIA.

Of course, he did.

Two days after that, we got so busy in the house we forgot what time it was.

Monty was quiet.

Until he peed on the floor.

Moral of the story

I am trying to make sure I pay attention to Monty.

When I am taking down time, I try and spend lots of time showing love.

I think, until we all settle into the house, we will all be a little on edge.

I really hope he's the only one who pees on the floor though.


  1. I think we ALL hope that Monty is the only one who pees on the floor. Poor little guy. I'm sure he'll adjust soon -- as will everybody -- but it sure is hard getting there. When does your bed arrive?

    1. Maybe next week, I think. It will arrive soon. Probably. Likely.

  2. When we come to visit, I will give him lots of love.

    1. Thanks, Dad. I'm sure he will appreciate that. Or, completely ignore you.


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