Friday, June 6, 2014

Frustrations and thankfulness

You would think that finally moving into our new house would mean I was bursting at the seams with excitement and unable to control myself from showing you everything.


Not so much.

We are in. That is true.

Moving issues

We went without a fridge for 5 days, our dishwasher leaked all over the floor, the closets are a disaster, and neither The Guy or I have slept more than 5 hours a night since we moved in.

Montel has cried and barked for hours every time we leave the house and the soundproofing will only be effective once the entry way is finished and isn't so echoey.

I am happy to be here, but I will be happier to be settled.

Here are the things I am able to be thankful for this week.


  1. My brother had a health scare the last few months, but got some good news recently.

    He might be a butt face, but he's ours and we don't want to lose him anytime soon.

    We had SO MANY matching outfits

  2. My father and his wife arrive in Canada in a few days. He will arrive to my house after the middle of the month. I'm hoping I have a bed for them by then.

    Dad and Tanya
    This is a perfect picture of them as a couple.
    Dad is very pleased with himself
    Tanya is one step from rolling her eyes at him.

Life improvements

  1. The coffee "bar" area in the new house is awesome. It looks that much better now that we have a fridge and don't have to go to the garage for creamer.


    It will be better when I get a chance to decorate more, but LOOK!!!
  2. I got an award from the Women's Committee at my Union for the work I've done. I was pretty impressed - even with the misspelled name!


  3. I got an accidental day off today. I have no idea why I booked it. I guess God knew I would need the break by now.

The next step

This coming weekend will have me working to finish unpacking the kitchen, starting on the bathroom, working on my private contract, taking time to hang out with Lil E and Monty, and collapsing in a heap on the floor.

Some time soon, when I can laugh about it, I will start talking about the house.

I'm not there yet.


  1. Replies
    1. You may have to share with The Guy and I. You're cool with that, right?

    2. Yeah, sure. I'm nothing if not up for sharing beds with married couples.

  2. You got an award? Wonderful! Congratulations.

    That picture of your dad and Tanya is the best one.

    1. By the way, Chris and I can't stop talking about how much we enjoy having Monty around (okay, and you and the Guy, too). He and Li'l E have been so cute together after you guys have gone to work. He's adjusting a lot.

    2. Oh, I'm so glad! I am so thankful you guys have been so good to him. (And us!)


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