Thursday, April 10, 2014

The return of Thankful Thursday: Big Al, Stella, and siblings

After a hiatus last week, I wasn't sure I was going to be up for being thankful today. However, a lot of things made me smile today, so I thought I would share it.
  1. My Dad and Tanya took a trip to see my sister, Lyn, and did all the touristy things while looking all touristy. I adore this picture of them.

    Big Ben Al and Tanya
    Tanya with Big Al at Big Ben

  2. For a glorious hour tonight, I had a kitten. I named her Stella because she's lived a hard life, but is still beautiful.  She has gone to visit the vet and get her ear mites and stuff all checked out before she goes into foster care. ** edited: I just heard she will likely be fostered by a good friend of mine! I get to visit her all the time!!!!!

    Stella, the rescue cat

    The Guy texted me after he saw my many pictures of her on Facebook with one line "No, you can't keep her."  He's mean.
  3. It is national sibling day. I'm pretty lucky to have a crazy bunch of siblings. Even though we are all over the world, we rock.

    Me and my bro - matching red velour
    Precious little sisters are SOOO big

  4. Yoga has been life changing. I go a few minutes early and get myself calmed and relaxed. I sit in the quiet and warmth thankful for where I am. It helps me calm in the chaos that is everything else.  

  5. I am thankful for my coworkers and my husband. When I am at my worst, they support me anyway.


  1. Crap. My comment got eaten. I'm too lazy to rewrite. Bottom line, I think you just named my new cat whose original name my husband and I don't really like, except on paper (Cupcake). Will suggest Stella instead!

    1. Oh that's exciting! I love the name Stella. I hope you do get to use it.

    2. Husband rejected the suggestion, but I still like it. We're still thinking.....

    3. Send me a pic! I love helping to name pets!!


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