Thursday, April 17, 2014

Late night thankful

It's sad when I consider 11pm late night but it is and I'm old.

I'm on the road for 2 nights leaving The Guy and Monty home alone. I miss them already. 

1. I came home to find The Guy had purchased the painting I had my eye on at Winners. I almost cried. It's so pretty. 

It's also huge!! I love love love it. 

2. I am so thankful for our health care system and Workers Comp. My back still has it's days (like Sunday when I cried at the futility of being broken) but it's healing with the help of my chiropractor, my massage therapist, my physiotherapist, my other chiropractor, and I don't pay for any of it. 

3. I am thankful that, despite Ukraine's continued upheaval, my family is safe. I'm so glad I got to visit before this all happened. I pray for my family's continued safety and for peace in Ukraine. 

4. I am thankful that our house is nearing completion. The cupboards are in and crews are working through the weekend so we can be in as soon as possible. It feels like "six weeks from never" might be sooner than we think. 

Our kitchen with cupboards. Countertops are coming soon too. 

5. I am thankful to be snug in bed at Easter church camp knowing my friends are all just down the hall. Even being here for 2 nights is enough to make me grateful. 


As much as I like to hear myself talk, I like to hear from you too!