Thursday, July 17, 2014

My summer vacation: friends, family, and farts

Unintentional hiatus 

It's been almost a month to the day since I wrote anything that was for fun. Apart from my usual Facebook statuses (Bronwyn_MayB) I haven't put pen to paper (well, fingers to keyboard) to write my thoughts, my stories, or my insanity.

I did write a 60 page report for an Agency review. So, there is that.

But it just doesn't have the same feel. Or the same sarcasm.

They frown against that in the professional world. Bah.

Inspiration, but no time

I've been writing in my head the whole time. Brilliant and witty pieces about my life, my dog, and my house.  However, between the house guests, a friend's wedding, a week away, a visit with Grandma, and actually writing words about the research I've been doing for months, I haven't been able to share them.

Here are some highlights:
  • My friend Jamie drove my father and my step-mom from Calgary to Regina and she's still speaking to me. 
  • My dad stayed with us for a whole week and I'm still speaking with him
  • My dad stayed with us for a whole week and The Guy is still speaking to me
Photo by Ky
Dad, Tanya, Lil E, and Monty
  • My step-mom made the greatest borscht in history and I will eventually share her recipe here
  • My sister came to visit me and we had all the fun
  • I passed a group of pre-teen boys lined up along a wall and when they pretended I had farted I did not defend myself even though I was incensed! (Had I farted, I would have laughed uproariously because they were all sitting in prime fart trajectory)
  • My closet was redone (almost complete) and the deck is now done (except for rails... don't fall) and someday this house will be done
  • My sister Ky and I visited Grandma who knew who we were until she nodded off for 5 minutes. I'm not sure who was more freaked when she woke up thinking strangers were in her room!
photo by Ky

I'm trying to be back now. Writing more often and getting my life back on track now that I don't have 3,004,524 things to do. We shall see. I do have one main task to complete...



  1. I'm so excited I got mentioned in you blog! Sweet. And I'd like that recipe.

    1. I replied to this once. Didn't i??

    2. Um, no. I was very sad. Until right now.

    3. You're a turd. I said sorry for using your real name. But then I saw you weren't blogging any more, so screw you. Also, the borscht was awesome.

    4. But maybe I AM blogging again now....
      And screw YOU!
      Borscht is awesome.
      I'd like my new fake name to be "Sun Jammers" please.

  2. Great to have you back! And I was actually trying to decide between reading your blog post and taking a nap. Aren't you honoured that I picked your writing over snoozing? :-)

    1. Alia, I am honoured. Though surprised you didn't have a nap while reading!

  3. Looking forward to that borscht recipe!

  4. I told Tanya I was going to blog about her recipe. She rolled her eyes and said I'm just likd my father. If I didn't love her (and her cooking) so much I would have kicked her out.

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